The Lynn Brand

Social media

Your platform, Lynn’s brand

All university social media platforms—including channels opened by employees, departments, services or students—are required to adhere to university brand guidelines. Doing so helps keep our brand consistent across all platforms, which reduces confusion among our social media consumers.

  • No one other than authorized Lynn University employees may use the Lynn University or Fighting Knights logos on social media accounts.
  • Lynn University social media pages should be appropriate for all ages. They cannot show bias. Avoid commenting or posting any content that serves an agenda that doesn’t uphold Lynn’s standards.
  • Platforms must use the proper name
    • For your service or college: e.g.: Lynn University’s Burton D. Morgan School of Aeronautics or @LynnAeronautics
    • For your event or campaign: Department or service name, followed by title of the event and year
  • Photos, general:
    • Profile photos: Contact Marketing to receive yours. It will be the white background with the blue Lynn logo with the department listed underneath.
    • Cover photos: Do not overlay text over a photo. Follow the photography guidelines. If you want to include text in your cover photo, push it down or off to the side.
      Screenshot example of proper use of photography, hashtags and text.
  • Hashtags: To ensure consistency and allow accurate tracking and measurement
    • Use the following Marketing-approved university-wide hashtags: #Lynning #Lynn4Life #LynnGrad #LynnFamily #LynnUniversity #LynnBound #LynnTravel #AroundLynn
    • Capitalize the first letter of each word in each hashtag. #LynnIsAwesome is easier to read than #lynnisawesome
    • Use the following naming device for all events: #LynnEventNameYear or #EventNameYear (e.g. #LynnMCC14 #FoundersDay14)
    • If your event or campaign hashtag does not include “Lynn” you must use your event hashtag and the #LynnUniversity hashtag. (e.g. #LynnUniversity #FoundersDay14)
    • Engage Marketing to help generate campaign-specific hashtags (and to be sure no one else is using it!)
    • For athletics-related hashtags, please contact the sports communication director
  • Fonts and colors: Whenever a platform allows it, users should follow the typography and color guidelines. Lynn Blue, Lynn Gray, and Lynn white are always the preferred colors.
  • Creating groups: Sometimes opening groups within existing Lynn University social media channels is more impactful than opening an entirely new channel. Please contact Marketing before pursuing such activities.

Marketing reserves the right to suspend, take over or terminate any user not adhering to brand guidelines. Should a page become inactive, Marketing will flag this to the page’s owner; upon continued misuse or lack of use, the page will be deleted.