The Lynn Brand


Marketing-produced videos

Marketing solely is responsible for the production of university-wide marketing videos (e.g. campus tour, public events). These videos are managed by the Marketing team and involve collaboration with university departments. University videos adhere to all branding and video style standards (see below) and receive visibility via the university’s main multimedia channels:, and YouTube.

Department- and student-produced videos

Videos for external distribution or university-wide communications produced by Lynn University employees, departments or students are required to adhere to university brand guidelines. The primary outlet for these videos is the student-produced channel on YouTube. Marketing reviews all external or university-wide videos and is responsible for final approval based on whether the appropriate quality and adherence to brand guidelines is achieved for use on the university’s main multimedia channels.

Working together

Marketing will evaluate all video project requests, and in cases where the department is not able to undertake an assignment, we recommend the following steps for independent video producers to help ensure approval criteria are met:

  1. Contact Marketing prior to the commencement of any video project. Marketing will assess the project, advise whether it fits within current strategy, and recommend an appropriate course to completion. Keep in mind that once a video is underway, it can often be difficult to change direction. Everyone’s time is important; we want to avoid wasting it and our resources.
  2. Become intimate with the university’s brand guidelines, especially as they relate to videography. Resist the urge to cut corners—this often will decrease the project’s quality and ultimately may affect its end distribution and visibility.
  3. Seek input throughout the production timeline. Marketing is happy to advise and provide useful direction that may enhance the project’s success.
  4. Provide completed videos to Marketing’s multimedia producer in a format suitable for upload to YouTube (H264 .mp4 or .mov). The project will be reviewed for content and to ensure it meets brand guidelines before being distributed in the appropriate manner.

The following requirements must be achieved by any university-wide video production. Bumpers are reserved for application only by Marketing.

Bumpers and lower-third titles

  • A relevant introduction bumper must be used at the beginning of a piece (there are five), and the single end bumper must be applied at the end.
  • These animate and fold down over the first shot. They have a transparent background and should be overlaid on the first and last video shots. Folding down a black screen before a shot begins is incorrect.
  • Special music may not be added to the introduction or end bumpers. The main audio track should begin as the piece appears.
  • A person’s name and title fades-in on the square white background for a lower-thirds title, then fades-out before the animated white square recedes. The person’s name is in Lynn Blue and their title is in Lynn Gray.



  • Music must appeal to the brand guidelines. Lynn University’s brand is mature, modern and sophisticated.
  • Royalty-free music must be used. This means music that is clear to use on YouTube and will not activate advertisements or playback restrictions. Download royalty-free music here:,, Vimeo music store, YouTube music library, The Music Bed.
  • Occasionally Marketing may purchase music. This is managed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Music levels should not interfere with dialogue.

Character and graphic generation

  • The main title font is Helvetica Neue Light. Any graphical text should be Helvetica Neue Light in 0 61 165 Lynn Blue on a white background. The printed graphic design guidelines found elsewhere in this document otherwise apply to graphics in videos.

Other tips and tricks


  • Execute well-framed, nicely-lit shots with clean audio. Subtle and natural color-grading is acceptable.
  • Film in 24 FPS (23.976) if camera allows. If not, 30 FPS is acceptable.
  • Make sure exposure, focus and white balance are correct. For more information visit
  • Inform Marketing of your project as early as possible. We want to help all projects have the greatest chance for success.


  • Stay on an interview subject for more than 6–7 seconds unless what the person is saying is incredibly interesting. Shoot artful b-roll to fill your pieces.
  • Make up your own graphics. If your video requires graphics, they must fulfill the graphic design university brand guidelines. (Note: This may require support from the art director.)
  • Include a lot of shaky camera movements unless it is vital to the message.
  • Backlight your subjects in front of a bright window or the sun. Make sure their faces are exposed properly.