The Lynn Brand

Main entrance to campus

Our brand

Brand positioning
Lynn University is very different from other higher education institutions. Collectively, our beliefs have shaped the university’s personality, responsibility and goals in an incredible way.

Key messages
We know we’re special—and we want the world to know it, too. That’s why our key messaging shows off our greatest qualities.

Name and description
To create brand recognition, it’s important that everyone references Lynn University in the same way.

Brand attributes
There are a lot of different qualities that make up the character of Lynn University. And all together, they define our brand promise.

Tone of voice
Our voice is conversational. We speak directly to the reader in short, active sentences. We use language that is easy to understand and we get straight to the point.

Brand architecture
Our promises, responsibilities and goals are at the center of everything we do—and as such, it’s important for the Lynn brand to be clearly visible in all projects, across all of our branded product offerings.

Official documentation regarding university policies about internal and external marketing and communication.