The Lynn Brand

Brand architecture

Lynn seal

Formal logo

This logo is to be used on all official documentation, as well as more formal applications.

Lynn seal

The seal of Lynn University was introduced in 1991, and redesigned in 2014. The core of the seal is the torch, which represents knowledge, and the scroll, which symbolizes learning. The shield, forming a background for the scroll and torch, is a symbolic coat-of-arms, which symbolizes the care and protection of the mind associated with higher learning. The sun and the palm tree denote a reference to the State of Florida, and more particularly to Boca Raton, where the university is located. The leaf clusters separating the name of the university are representative of the laurel leaves made into wreaths, a symbol conferred upon poets and heroes as a mark of honor for outstanding achievements. The border of the seal contains an undulating design representing the flexibility and continuity of the university programs. The colors of the seal are those of the university: blue and white.

Lynn logotype

Informal logo

This logo is to be used on recruiting materials and casual applications. Such as student life, athletics, university events, etc.

Lynn logotype

Lynn logo variations for product names
Certain products and services may warrant their own visual identity. These variations of the Lynn University logotype should be created only for strategic initiatives that are marketed as distinct products to our students and the Lynn community. To ensure continuity of the Lynn brand, product name logos should always maintain a connection to the Lynn logotype.

Lynn logo variation examples

Lynn logo for colleges
Our colleges represent the specialized areas within Lynn. These logos are to be used on all official college-specific documentation, as well as more formal applications.

Lynn logo for colleges examples