The Lynn Brand


2.1.17 Use of the Lynn University Name, Seal, Logo, Trade and Service Marks

Members of the Lynn University community, either individually or collectively, shall not officially use the name, seal, logo, or trade, and service marks of Lynn University in any activity outside of the regular work of the University. Violation of this rule is regarded as sufficient cause for dismissal or expulsion. Lynn University’s name, seal, logo, trade and service marks are the exclusive property of Lynn University and, consequently, may not be used in connection with goods or services offered by any outside organization without the prior permission of the Chief Marketing Officer.

Use of official Lynn University stationery, as well as the University name, seal, logo, woodmark, trade or service mark must be utilized in conformance with the Lynn University brand guidelines and the Marketing and Communication Resource and Policy Handbook. Office of Marketing and Communication

Lynn University employs a central office for the external and internal distribution of key institutional messages, news and other articles, publications, videos and Web sites. All large-scale (non-personal) on- and off-campus messaging must be approved by, and/or communicated through, this department. Communications Policy

Design and/or editorial approval from the Marketing and Communication office is required for all communications that:

  1. Bear the name of Lynn University;
  2. Are to be paid for with Lynn University funds;
  3. Are intended for distribution off campus.

The following items also must receive approval from Marketing and Communication:

  1. Use of the university seal, logotype or wordmark by internal or external persons or groups;
  2. Deviations from the Lynn University Marketing and Communication Resource and Policy Handbook or Lynn University brand guidelines.

Items exempt from this policy include:

  1. Materials produced by student organizations not bearing the Lynn University name or logo;
  2. Scholarly publications;
  3. Person to person internal correspondence;
  4. Internal reports (exception: report covers and reports with off-campus distribution).

All communications shall reflect the non-biased, non-discriminatory nature of Lynn University.