The Lynn Brand


The Fighting Knights color palette is blue, white and gray:

Blue: signifies confidence and integrity

White: stands for good and represents humility

Gray: conveys maturity and intelligence

In all designs, white should be the predominant color in order to create a blank canvas to accentuate Lynn Blue in the logo and photography of Lynn athletes. When white is not practical (for high traffic areas or apparel durability), then light grays from the color palette may be used. Lynn Gray (Cool Gray 9) may be used as an accent color.

  • Lynn Blue
    Pantone® 293
  • Lynn Gray
    Pantone® Cool Gray 5
  • White

  • 90% Cool Gray 9
  • 80% Cool Gray 9
  • 70% Cool Gray 9
  • 60% Cool Gray 9
  • 50% Cool Gray 9
  • 40% Cool Gray 9
  • 30% Cool Gray 9
  • 20% Cool Gray 9