The Lynn Brand


The following requirements must be achieved by any university-produced video project.

Bumpers and lower-third titles

  • A relevant introduction bumper must be used at the beginning of a piece, and the single end bumper must be applied at the end.
  • These animate and fold down over the first shot. They have a transparent background and should be overlaid on the first and last video shots. Folding down a black screen before a shot begins is incorrect.
  • Special music may not be added to the introduction or end bumpers. The main audio track should begin as the piece appears.
  • A person’s name and title fades-in on the square white background for a lower-thirds title, then fades-out before the animated white square recedes. The person’s name is in Lynn Blue and their title is in Lynn Gray.



  • Music must appeal to the brand guidelines. Lynn University’s brand is mature, modern and sophisticated.
  • Royalty-free music must be used. This means music that is clear to use on YouTube and will not activate advertisements or playback restrictions. Download royalty-free music here:,, Vimeo music store, YouTube music library, The Music Bed.
  • Occasionally Marketing may purchase music. This is managed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Music levels should not interfere with dialogue.

Character and graphic generation

  • The main title font is Helvetica Neue Light. Any graphical text should be Helvetica Neue Light in Lynn Blue (RGB 0.61.165) on a white background. The printed graphic design guidelines found elsewhere in this document otherwise apply to graphics in videos.

Other tips and tricks


  • Execute well-framed, nicely-lit shots with clean audio. Subtle and natural color-grading is acceptable.
  • Film in 24 FPS (23.976) if camera allows. If not, 30 FPS is acceptable.
  • Make sure exposure, focus and white balance are correct. For more information visit


  • Stay on an interview subject for more than 6–7 seconds unless what the person is saying is incredibly interesting. Shoot artful b-roll to fill your pieces.
  • Make up your own graphics. If your video requires graphics, they must fulfill the graphic design university brand guidelines. (Note: This may require support from the creative director.)
  • Include a lot of shaky camera movements unless it is vital to the message.
  • Backlight your subjects in front of a bright window or the sun. Make sure their faces are exposed properly.