The Lynn Brand

Visual identity

Brand attribute

Tone of voice

Visual translation


Clear, simple, to the point

Lynn’s design style is uncomplicated and unpretentious.

All Lynn materials are characterized by a predominance of white. The white background creates a blank canvas to showcase the two most important elements of Lynn’s visual identity: our logo and our people.

We cut out images, colors and design elements that don’t add meaning.


People come first

Lynn materials use original photography that features our people in action.


Lynn people are passionate

Our photography captures natural activity and behavior. The photographs of our people contain vibrant colors that complement the Lynn color palette.


New ideas and technologies

Our photography is refreshed frequently to ensure that clothing and technology are always current.


Strategic, competitive and high-profile location

Our design execution must be first-rate. We use high-quality paper and the most-advanced printing techniques. Photography that showcases our campus is colorful, vibrant and whenever possible features our people, activity and motion.